A Place for Corporate Needs

Corporate Office Care is one of the emerging enterprises in the field of technological rental services nationally. We are among the prominent rental solution providers for domestic and international call centres.

Industries With Which We Work

Corporate Office Support provides state of art and exclusive rental services to meet your rental requirements with ease and grace. Our professional staffs are expert in understanding the client’s requirement and giving solutions according which would be beneficial as well productive in nature. We had the experience of employing our services to different business industries such as:

  • IT Industry
  • Banking Industry
  • Governmental Institution
  • Private Institutions and Corporate Offices

  • Events Management Companies
  • Educational and Training Institutes
  • And many more.

Our rental services would help you to concentrate on your business freely and leaving behind the technological related problems with us.

Our Exclusive Rental Services :

  • Computers on rent
    We provide all kind of computers on rent with complete customization and easy-to-use terms and conditions. The quality of our products is up to the industry mark and computers come with essential software. We also provide additional software on demand.
  • Laptops on rent
    Ever been in a situation when your laptop is broken and an urgent project has to be completed or you just wanted to use a laptop before buying it. Our Laptop rental will save your day in both the cases. Browse through our vast collections of laptops take it home on affordable rates with exclusive softwares of your need.
  • Servers on rent
    We provide servers on rent of major brand like DELL, HP, IBM and others to help you when you need it most. We rent servers of all sizes and it could be easily configured to serve your purpose by our technical team.
  • Online UPS on rent
    We have a huge range of Online UPS both in medium and large size to provide you with uninterrupted supply of power.
  • Softwares on rent like Dialer, IVR,CRM
    Software are as important as the hardware parts therefore we keep the most updated and original software products to boost your productivity and business with simple and affordable services. Our software rental service includes some of the vital software like Dialer, IVR, CRM and others, whichcould be customised and configured exactly o reflect your requirements.

Benefits of Our Rental Services

Corporate Office Support offers highly competitive and huge selection of reliable products and affordable services along with exquisite and star rated services.

  • Customization: Rental Products would be customised and configured by our experts to satisfy your needs and requirements.
  • Terms and Conditions: Our terms of utilising the various products and softwares are simple and easier to follow without interrupting the flow of work.
  • Quantity: We have a vast collection of products in our store. Hence, you should not worry about the quantity. We deal both in the Old and New computer products which would be delivered as per your need.
  • Software onDemand: If you wishes to get the systems installed with particular software of your choice then it would be done by our staff efficient.
  • Affordable Rates: Our rates are competitive as well as affordable at the same time.